Cordys enables organizations to increase the speed of change, altering the way they innovate their business operations.

Cordys is unique in that it has designed a platform to bridge four, seemingly disconnected, worlds: Business Process Management, Integration, Composite Application Development and the Cloud. This unique combination helps customers improving business operations by delivering process-centric solutions, while respecting existing enterprise software.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Cordys provides a platform that is improving business operations in a controlled and agile manner, allowing them to react to market pressures, compliance demands and new global dynamics; providing true business agility.


Cordys enables organizations to create a single collaborative system that is not only able to integrate existing legacy applications but can also combine them with newly developed business processes.

Composite Application Development

Cordys supports the fast creation of composite rich internet applications based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies.


Cordys supports areas that are executed outside an organization such as SaaS-based Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Execution and cloud infrastructures. The platform also provides provisioning of Cordys- and non-Cordys applications and services in the cloud