Optimize your processes with Futura4Retail

Futura4Retail is our inventory management system to enhance the profitability of your company. With our sophisticated tools in our merchandise management module you can ensure that you have always the right items at the right time at the right place!
Follow the system's proposals and move merchandise to exactly the location where it will be sold successfully. This avoids losses from mark-downs and increases margins. Futura4Retail serves all areas of a company. This starts with budget/limit planning, moves on to order, goods received and supplier invoice checking, and finishes with a powerful data warehouse.

Boost Cross-Channel Sales with Futura4Omnichannel

Futura4Omnichannel connects your inventory in real time with your online sales channels. Our solution manages all master data and all transactions, either from online or brick-and-mortar stores. The solution manages all data and does not only control your stationary business. Futura4Omnichannel enables the complete integration of e-commerce, POS software and retail management processes. With Futura4Omnichannel you can take up the challenge of combining the digital availability of the shop offering with the shopping experience in brick-and-mortar locations. The Futura4Omnichannel solution is based on sound processes of planning, procurement, product management and controlling.

ePOS of a new era – Futura4POS

Our ePOS solution Futura4POS is a stable standard software which can be easily customized in every environment. Futura4POS is equally well-suited when opening a new shop, extending an existing network of branches or expanding abroad as when integrating an internet shop. The POS solution is scalable, and the number of cash desks is virtually unlimited. Futura4POS runs on different types of hardware and can also be connected to all popular ERP systems. Futura4POS also supports loyalty systems by means of an integrated CRM system and gift card options.

Mobile Checkout with Futura4POS App

Our Futura4POS App delivers a checkout functionality on mobile devices. With our real time stock display your store staff has a perfect tool to deliver customer satisfaction. As a mobile Sales Assistant we support the perfect customer guidance in your store. Key features of the Futura4POS run on the iPhone, iPod, iPad and on Android devices. With their smart phone or tablet and the Futura4POS-App, your sales advisers can serve your customers on the spot. With the Futur4POS app, they can check stocks on the fly. “Do you also have these shoes in size 6?” In future, you will be able to answer customer questions regarding your stock levels even faster. With the Futura4POS-App you will provide mobility to your stock display. For chain stores, the feature can be enhanced by including availability data from other stores.