ORAK PETROL is an integrated software product for management of petrol stations, gas stations, sites for selling liquid fuel, wholesale and retail. The product is a part of the Software Business Platform R5. The system is designed to manage chains of sites having large infrastructure, their side activities such as stores, cafes, car washes, etc. The software product supports communication protocols with a wide range of electronic columns heads and level measuring devices.


ORAK RESTAURANT is a software product, which is a part of the Software Business Platform R5. Its purpose is to serve the operators’ working stations in chains of big or small restaurants, cafés, pizza restaurants, cocktail bars and other catering places. In combination with the module for BackOffice warehouse management, this product becomes an extremely flexible and multifunctional software decision .


ORAK MARKET R5 is a software product for management and control of wholesale and retail trade. ORAK Market R5 can manage all stages from the work of a big trade company with wide range of goods and big document turnover. The system is designed to concentrate information and manage a chain of objects, as separate units or as integrated structure.


ORAK HOTEL R5 is an integrated business software solution for management and control of hotels, chains of hotels and property management, which is a part of Software Business Platform R5 of Orak Engineering. The software product includes the following modules: Reception Desk, Reservations, External Commercial Agreements, and Manager. It is suitable for urban and resort type of hotels, as it supports each specification of their activity and is flexible enough to be adjusted according to unique style of each hotel.